Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

During COVID-19 Pandemic Shutdown

  Marketing Tips for Small Businesses – Actionable Things to Do Now

Follow along with us over the next several days as we offer sound advice and give tips you can implement right now to help your business come out of this shutdown ahead.

All videos are also available on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube).

Along with marketing tips for your business, we will also be listing important resources for small businesses.

GOV’s List of Businesses Deemed Critical

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Offering Disaster Assistance in Response to COVID-19


2020 Stimulus Package

We are offering a COVID-19 stimulus/recovery plan!

Tip #1 Update Your Hours Online and Request Reviews

Tip #2 Virtual Tours

Tip #3 Market to Your Base

Tip #4 Don’t Stop Your Marketing – Modify If Necessary

Tip #5 Join a Networking Group – Today

Tip #6 Networking Online: LinkedIn & Alignable

Tip #7 Move Your Products Online

Tip #8 Know Your Customer

Tip #9 Keywords On Your Website

Tip #10  Social Media: It’s Storytime

Tip #11 Business on Facebook and Next Door

Tip #12  Facebook Groups

Tip #13 What is Your Business’ Story: Part 1

Tip #14 What is Your Business’ Story: Part 2

Tip #15 Fix Your Website’s SEO – Slow Load

Tip #16 It’s All About Google

Tip #17 Changes to Google that Affect Your Business

Tip #18 Organize Your Brand Visually and Verbally

Tip #19 Start a Blog and Here’s Why

Tip #20 Yelp Listings and Why You Should Have One

Tip #21 Connect with Chambers

Tip #22 LinkedIn Opportunities

Tip #23 Brainstorm Opportunities

Tip #24 Be Mindful of Your Communication

Is It Time to Outsource Your Marketing?