Plan Development

Your small business needs a marketing plan to help you work smarter and not harder. We will help you reach the customers you want with a clear message on a consistent basis while staying on budget.

That’s where we can help. Whether you’re a new business or you’ve been in business for years but never had a formal marketing plan, That’s My Idea! Marketing is your resource for creating a plan that will drive your business to success.

We want to work with you to develop a strategic marketing plan to help you reach your target market in the most cost effective way. Having a strategic marketing plan in place allows you to make sound decisions on marketing opportunities and provides benchmarks for accountability.

Our process starts with a SWOT Analysis;

1. We define your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

2. Next, we do a Competitive Analysis to better understand your position in the marketplace. Once we understand your business and how you interact in the competitive landscape, we then look to define your ideal customers. We will help you reach these consumers with messages that motivate them to engage with your business.

3. Next, it is important to set goals. Without a goal, how do you know where to aim? We use your goals to determine benchmarks to track your overall marketing plan. What good is a plan without tracking to know if it’s working?

4. Next, we want to help you set a realistic budget that fits your needs. A marketing strategy is an important tool in growing a successful business. Without a budget, you cannot effectively implement the tools to grow.

5. Finally, we create an Action Plan of Strategies it’s the detail document that keeps everyone on track.

Your business is unique and that’s why we create your plan based on your business, your needs and your goals! We are not a one-size fits all company. Let us help you grow your business with the customers you want.

get strategic about growing your business.