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Since 2003, That’s My Idea Marketing has helped businesses reach their goals and strengthen their marketing strategy to deliver key results. Our core values of embracing change, valuing open communication, and building community have helped us and our clients succeed over the years. In the ever-changing marketing world, agencies are lost without a balance of expertise, research, and creativity. We utilize all of those principles to develop a customized, data-driven plan that helps you and your business thrive.

OUR MISSION: We are a team of highly motivated and creative individuals working towards the common goal of promoting businesses and their success.

Dan Smits, CEO That's My Idea Marketing

Dan Smits

Chief Executive Officer

Dan has been a serial entrepreneur in the Twin Cities since 1998. During his career, he ran four companies and founded two of them. Currently, he runs That’s My Idea Marketing and Growth Point Partnership, Inc. A true visionary, his skills extend to sales development, marketing, leadership, and the finesse to motivate teams to accomplish goals and get things done.

Dan is excited to build a collection of businesses that helps your company excel and grow in ways you never thought possible.


Bella Smits, Marketing Assistant - That's My Idea Marketing

Bella Smits

Marketing Manager

Bella acts as the team’s go-to support for all writing and tech needs. She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and uses her research skills to become an expert on the various topics she writes about for clients. Interested in the how and why behind marketing, she brings a logical eye to the behind-the-scenes research that goes into every content marketing campaign.

Bella is excited to collaborate with the team and support all aspects of a successful marketing strategy.

Allie Wrich, Graphic and Website Designer for That's My Idea Marketing

Allie Wrich

Graphic & Website Design Manager

Allie leads the design strategy at TMIM and brings a specialist’s eye to your marketing materials. With a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Rasmussen University, she focused on web and interactive design during her education. Applying those skills to a career, she then worked as a graphic designer where she developed a variety of design projects for clients. One of her favorite parts of the job: finding ways to turn abstract ideas into action through the psychology behind design and user experience.

Allie is excited to explore new ways to represent your business through marketing, website design, or branding in the most authentic way.


What we do

From plan to execution, the TMIM team kickstarts your marketing strategy through our expert services.

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