Looking Ahead: Creating Your Marketing Plan for 2022

The end of the year will be here before we know it! Now is a great time to start factoring your marketing plan into your 2022 budget. If you’re ready to outsource your marketing, schedule a free consultation to discuss your marketing needs. Here are the services that we offer:

Website Development

If you want to take on new clients or customers, your website needs to work. While it does need to function at a basic level, we also mean that your website needs to look good, showcase your brand, and be SEO-friendly. Is your website starting from scratch? No worries! We can help you develop your brand, along with your business logo, if you don’t have one. Or, maybe your original website just isn’t working for you—we can give it a facelift, too. And, if the idea of maintaining your website is a little daunting, we offer various maintenance packages.

Online Advertising

One way to get website visitors is through online advertising, also known as pay-per-click ads. However, putting money behind a campaign that isn’t set up properly won’t do you any good. We’ll research keywords, test the landing pages, and estimate the cost per click. We also provide a detailed report each month with the data from Google Ads or Bing Ads so you know how your campaigns are performing.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.—how do you know what platforms are right for your business? We’ll help you choose the ones that’ll work for you. We also craft engaging, creative content to reach your desired audience through text and branded graphics. Your messages also need to fit your brand, as this helps build trust and familiarity with your desired audience. Social media can also be used for announcing sales and specials, along with showing the faces behind the business. If you’re concerned about handing over your social pages due to lack of control, don’t worry. You’ll be able to approve and make changes to our proposed social calendar before publishing any content.

Content Marketing

Social media marketing does fall under this category, but it also extends to the text on your website and blog content. Blogging is great for SEO, especially when using our master list of keywords. We also help you decide how often you want content to be published and what topics should be covered. When it comes to websites, more content means more searchable keywords, but the quality of the content is important, too. If you want us to write text for your website, blogs, and social media, this service is for you.

Online Business Listings

Your business needs to be able to be found. Listings on Google My Business, for instance, will do just that. When you claim your business listing, you’re able to add business hours, a description, contact information, photos, and social media posts. This is where potential customers can click to your website, give you a call, or get directions to your store. In addition, when you claim your business, you’ll be notified when someone leaves a review. We’ll make sure you’re notified of any positive or negative reviews, and we’ll respond to both kinds, which is formally known as reputation management. Yelp, Bing, and Google My Business are all important online listings to claim.

Brand Development

When developing your brand, some of the most important questions to ask are: who does my business serve, and what is my purpose? This question is the starting point for brand development. Let’s use the example of a business logo. If you sell makeup products, for example, you don’t want your logo to be dark and bland. A logo for a makeup business should be, to put it plainly, pretty! Even further, if you sell high-end products, your logo should be sleek and modern. Branding doesn’t stop at logos, however—it also extends to all forms of content creation, including website text. Your voice is also part of your brand, and that voice needs to be consistent across all platforms.

Promotional Products & Collaterals

Need a banner design? Or, maybe you just need 500 pens for your next business expo? Our graphic designers can create the design for your products, whatever it may be. We also have the world’s largest promotional products network at our fingertips, so whatever product you’re looking for, we can likely find it! Whether it’s mugs, tablecloths, stress balls, fidget spinners, you name it—we can create a custom design.

After sitting down with us for your free initial consultation, we’ll get started to develop your marketing plan. Your business is unique, and your plan should be too. When you’re ready to discuss your marketing plan for 2022, give us a call or send an inquiry through our website. That’s My Idea is Your Marketing Department for Hire.