Ecommerce: Getting Your Online Store Ready for Holiday Shopping

It’s about that time to prepare your Ecommerce store for the holiday season. Even though many people are planning to celebrate the holidays in-person this year, that doesn’t mean they’re shopping in-person. Online shopping is as popular as ever, so it’s important to make sure your Ecommerce store is ready! Online customer experience is essential to having a successful retail holiday. So, here are some things you should prepare for your Ecommerce site to become the go-to shop for holiday gifts.

Hassle-Free Experience

Shoppers today want to be able to buy gifts easily and efficiently. Your Ecommerce site needs to cater to the customer experience without any glitches. From first impression to the final checkout stage, site operation should be seamless. Any broken pages, links, or coupon glitches could make or break a sale.

Make sure you test your site speed. Surveys have shown that 70% of consumers’ buying decisions have been affected by page speed. If you have product images on your site that you no longer sell, get rid of them. Unused and non-optimized images can bog down a site and affect page speed.

An increase in shoppers over the holidays means increased inventory. It is important your inventory is up-to-date and that your website reflects that. Backorder or out of stock items still listed could lead to customer frustration.

Be careful if you are deciding on whether to use chat automation or not. It might seem like a great idea for your holiday strategy, but chat features could affect SEO results. For small businesses, search engine optimization is everything and Google tends to favor websites that have a better user experience. Implementing chat automation and pop ups are more likely to hurt your site’s ability to maintain a higher ranking on search.

Personalized Shopping

Customers tend to be loyal to a brand that makes online shopping easy, especially during the most stressful time of the year.  Take the time to feature multiple search functions on your Ecommerce site. This will not only make it easier to help customers find what they need—it will also promote a smooth shopping experience. Categories are also a great way to allow users to find any themed item easily. Think about having a holiday-specific category. This will make shopping easy and organized.

Simple is better. Giving customers too many choices or too much information can be overwhelming. Minimal is better to keep the shopping experience easy to navigate. Using “Buy Now” buttons will keep the checkout process short and sweet and can reduce cart abandonment.

You can also base product recommendations on customer data and demographics, along with using insights from the customer’s past browsing history on your website. Another way to offer assistance with their shopping experience is to add the high-selling products and categories at the top of your homepage.

Customers also want an easy checkout process. Offer a guest checkout, as first-time shoppers may not feel comfortable saving their contact information just yet. Having multiple options of payment can be helpful as well, like PayPal or Apple Pay in addition to credit and debit cards. Also offer different shipping options, as some shoppers are buying gifts well in advance and others are purchasing at the last minute. Shoppers also like to know what their shipping options are and having different options with the price listed next to them will help them with their budget as well. People will likely have returns to make after the holidays, so make your return policy clear to shoppers before they make a purchase.

Getting your Ecommerce site ready for the holidays can give you an edge over the competition. Customers are more likely to choose your business if your website is easy to use and fast. Ecommerce is truly about the customer experience, so when revising or creating your site, think from the shopper perspective. We hope these tips will help you to have a successful online shopping season! If you need some help getting your Ecommerce site built, give That’s My Idea Marketing a call. We’re your marketing department for hire!