Types of Animated Graphic Design to Use in Social Media

While smartly chosen photos, compelling content, and cool graphics make for a strong social media presence, they are not the only tools available to support a brand. Motion graphics are a cost-effective means of adding vibrancy and depth to a brand or campaign. While the biggest brands have always utilized some forms of animation in their web marketing, smaller brands are starting to catch up. Here are a few types of animation that can help your brand stand out and come alive!

Motion Graphics 

The most utilized form of animation in marketing is the motion graphic. These are often quite short (some being only a few seconds long) and use basic motions and transitions to create a moving version of a two-dimensional graphic. For example, if you have a graphic of a figure, bring it to life through an animation program and add a wave, smile, or point. If you have a text graphic, the words can arrive on screen with custom bounces and slides. Many companies even have a signature motion graphic of their logo appearing on screen.

The purpose of all motion graphics is the same: to use movement that makes content more dynamic and memorable. Even a few seconds of motion creates a sense of visual interest and energy that makes information more notable. While not a replacement for static images and graphics, motion graphics keep your content fresh and help your brand gain new energy.


Brand Animations

As mentioned above, animated logos can be used as an element of branding. This is regularly seen in commercials, where the end features, for example, a Pepsi logo rotating into place or the McDonalds golden arches being unspooled. This small amount of narrative makes a brand extra memorable and, if done right, can reinforce the overall impression of your brand. Does your brand glide smoothly onscreen with a professional reserve or does it energetically bounce into view with confidence? There are as many visual stories that can be told as there are styles a brand can have.

Animated Infographics 

Infographics are graphics intended to communicate a large amount of information efficiently. That complexity often leads to graphics that, even at their simplest, are difficult to understand. Animation allows this problem to be solved by changing a static information dump into an engaging narrative. An animated infographic is a guided tour, presenting each piece of information at the right time and in the right way. This also makes the content memorable and easy to understand.

Statistics, diagrams, and other relatively abstract visuals can all gain new legibility in an animation. For example, a bar chart with different axis and information can be hard to understand. But, with an animation, each axis can appear in turn, carefully labeled, with added bits of information, creating a brief narrative chart that’s appealing and easy to read.

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