Good-Bye, Gray Verified Badges: Facebook Update Implementing October 29

If you’ve taken a glance at your business’ Facebook page recently, you might have spotted this notification:

Facebook’s gray badges were introduced in 2015 for businesses and organizations to confirm their page’s legitimacy. Pages that were not public figures or media companies/brands (which can qualify for the blue badge) went through an application process to receive the gray badge, which was an important step for small businesses. Those badges will no longer appear on pages starting October 29.

What does this change mean for small business owners?

With this verification step being taken away, small businesses need to double down on updating their page regularly and keeping their contact info updated. Being active on your social media page is one of the best ways to show the legitimacy of your business. No one wants to see that a company they’re interested in purchasing from hasn’t posted anything new since 2016! Without the gray badge, your efforts in keeping your pages updated is one of the only ways your potential customers will be able to see you are legitimate.

While you’re on your Facebook account, it would be wise to do a quick search of your company name to be sure no one is impersonating you. Without that gray badge distinction, a fake page could be mistaken as one falsely managed by the real company.

Checklist to complete before October 29:

  1. Make sure all contact info is correct.
  2. Always have the current logo as the profile photo for easy identification.
  3. Create a username that makes it easy for people/businesses to discover or tag the page.
  4. Be responsive to direct messages or comments. Facebook tracks your response time and a bad response rate might give the wrong idea about the business.

There is currently no plan to take away the blue badge on Facebook. If you fall under the category of a public figure or media company/brand, read up on how to get that blue checkmark.

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