Short Guide: The Limits and Trends of Social Media Bios

As if social media wasn’t confusing enough with its ever-changing trends, there’s also the challenge of putting together the perfect short bio that’s both searchable and user-friendly. For businesses, this is an especially important part of their first impression on a client/customer.

A fully optimized profile will help prove your authenticity while showing off your brand at a quick-glance. To get the most out of it, it’s key to know the limits and trends. To help, we’ve created a short guide to “The Big Three” of social media. Using our own social media as an example, here’s some visual examples paired with quick tips:


  • 255 character limit.
  • Not hashtag friendly; no need to add any.
  • Forgo emojis for concise summary. You’ve got more characters, so use them.


  • 150 character limit.
  • Hashtag friendly—use popular or specialized ones.
  • Try out emojis and lists to show all services.
  • Include location since it’s not a profile option.


  • 160 character limit.
  • Hashtag friendly.
  • Use emojis (if applicable) for visual appeal.
  • Typically one informative sentence or short, witty ones.

We managed to create one concise summary perfect for all bio lengths, but that’s not always the case. When you have a lot to say, start utilizing lists and emojis in clever ways to get as much info as possible on there.

These tips aren’t a “do or die” kind of guide, so if a different style fits your company brand then go for it! To start off, however, we’d recommend building your bios based on these basic tips and then modifying it as your company and voice grow. Good luck!