Responsive Website Development, Online Marketing, Content Writing – Oh My!

Going into 2015 I knew this would be a big year for all things related to websites and online marketing. Google had been rumbling about responsive website design for quite some time and in April they made it official. Get a mobile website or pay the price with lower rankings.

As Mobile Armageddon made its way into the world, our office became on fire. We have created and re-designed alot of sites since April. View some of the most recent websites we’ve created here.

What does all of this mean for the small business owner? Simply put, it’s likely time for you to review your website and consider making some significant upgrades.

Things to consider include:

Responsive design. This simply means your website design scales up or down automatically depending on the viewer’s screen size. This type of website eliminates the need for a 3rd party app or a dedicated mobile site that needs to be updated and maintained separately from your main website. It’s all one site so all of your optimization and updates are contained in one.

Adopt new update practices in your office. In order to keep Google bot and other search engines interested in your website, you need to be updating some type of text every four to six weeks. At some point, the search engines will stop indexing your site if they continually find no new updates. This doesn’t mean you automatically fall off the page for ranking, but it does open the door for your competition that is keeping up on their updates to move ahead of you thus pushing your site down on the ranking page.

Add a blog. The web is driven by text. Adding a blog to your online marketing plan will help your business name come up in search results for many different types of keywords.

Get social. Yes, Facebook is still alive and kicking and so is Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and a boatload of others. Leave a bigger online footprint by adding your company name in more places.

If this all sounds like work, truthfully it is. An organized plan will help keep you on track. We can help with developing an online marketing plan and That’s My Idea can also help you maintain it so you can do what you’re best at doing – running your business.